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Monday, December 27, 2010

catching up!

As you can pry tell from the lack of posts, I have been pretty sick.  And  mostly sitting on my bed.  :)  My Christmas goal is to post once a week at least, and to start doing challenges.  The main reason I want to do these things is cuz I need to get off the bed!

I am having trouble sitting in the beadroom since my procedure on the 23rd, so I will be putting off the challenges until I can do so comfortably.  I did make a card today tho, for a friend, and will post it later in the week... so she has a chance to get it first, tho I doubt anyone is left reading my blog.  :)

I got a few new things recently that I am eager to try! Hopefully I will be sitting in the beadroom again soon.

Meanwhile, here is a card I sent for Christmas. I forgot the santa hat on this one tho...lol.
Inside it says "Feliz Navi-dog!" I sent it to my nephew who called to wish me Merry Christmas in Spanish.

For the rest of my cards, I will see if I can find any samples to take pictures of this week.

Have a great week,

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