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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baking Your Ribbon

I have given a number of small girls hair clips with velcro along with assorted flowers to attach to the clips.  When I saw this Korker Bow tutorial I knew I had to make some to go on the clips, even tho I hate the name.  (Not sure why, it just bugs me.  Jodi said it pry is from Corkscrew.  Still bugs me.)

Anyways, it is fun cuz you bake the ribbon in the oven to set the curls!  Sounds crazy, but it did work.
Just don't try it with wire edged ribbon, like I accidentally did- they don't take the curl at all. 
(I also almost used a glue backed ribbon, but noticed the paper liner.  whew.)

This one is pink and brown.

More pinks.  I used grosgrain ribbon cuz that is what the tutorial called for, but I believe any ribbon would work.

This one is super pretty, in my opinion.

You will be seeing more of these!  Super cute, and quick to make.  The baking is the longest part.

Have a good day!


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