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Monday, June 13, 2011


I have hundreds of stamps.  Hundreds.  They range from rubber mounted on wood to rubber without wood, to clear and even foam.  In fact, the foam stamp set I bought at the Target Dollar section of Curious George is a great set.  It stamps beautiful clear images of George doing monkey things.  I also have several nephews who enjoy both cars and Cars- the Cars referring to the movie.  So I was super excited when I found this stamp set at Micheal's.  I just could see my nephews, especially the three year old who is OBSESSED with Cars, stamping out little Maders and Lightning McQueens. 

Aren't they great?  All the images a kid could want.  Until, that is, you stamp them.  This is what they stamp:

The freaking stamps do NOT STAMP WHAT IS SHOWN ON THE TOP OF THE STAMPS.  In all of my stamps I have NEVER EVER EVER seen a set do this.  This is blatant misrepresentation and fraud.
Here is the Lightning stamp:

Here is what it stamps:

Can't have a Cars set without Mader!

 Here is what he stamps:

What  a freaking rip off.  It really makes me angry.