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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HoneyPop cards and more animals

Happy Tuesday!
I had a doctor appt yesterday, that always gets the week off to a good start.  Not.  :)  At least she isn't making any major changes right now, she wants me to give the surgery recovery a few more months.  She is threatening to change my meds tho- and the one she wants me off I have been on for like fifteen years- and it is what (hopefully) is keeping the lupus under control!  And the substitute medication is one that has made me viciously ill in the past.  Hopefully before my next appointment the new Lupus drug will have a better track record... :)

I made two HoneyPop cards last week, just cuz I wanted to try the new sets I purchased.  The first is the baker cat.  You can make the cake up to three layers, if you use the stamps they give you.  The best part of HoneyPop is that you can use it for whatever you want- the cake stand stamp was NOT designed to be used with the honeycomb paper, but I wanted to see how it would work out.  I like it.
 This set is the "cherry on top" set.  I just realized today, when I was looking thu my sentiment binder for a different card's birthday sentiment, I have a stamp that says "Happy Birthday with a cherry on top!"  It would be perfect with this HoneyPop set.
I did stickle the cherry so it is sparkly.  And the little cherries off to the side are covering a smudge. Ha!

One of the things I love about Ana Paula Rimoli's patterns is that they often have two or more pieces to each.  The mushrooms came in a set of three.  I am pretty sure I badly miscounted the baby's stem rows, as all three have the same height in the book.... hehehehe.   The recipient didn't notice or care.

I adore penguins, so this is one of my fave patterns.

Have a great week!



  1. I love how the inside of these cards pop out and the stamping of the background paper.

    The mushrooms look perfect to me and the penquins, well, are just too adorable. Fantastic job. hugs

  2. Adorable! Thanks for sharing!
    hey, I have a giveaway here, please come join in the fun!