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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blog You Must Follow!

If you don't already follow the imaginisce blog you really should start.  They give away AMAZING prizes all the time!  I, in fact, have won TWO so far.  The first was a paper package of the most amazing paper.  The second was the COMPLETE line of fabric and paper flowers, with the tools to roll them.  It arrived today.

Of course I had to make a flower right away.  I need a little practice with the rolling technique, so I only finished a layered flower.  The flower layers were all in a cute little paper purse.  (The pink one shown above.)

The package also included the Badge Pin Combo pieces.  These are neat because you can make one flower and wear it as a pin or as a hair accessory!

Of course, I would never GLUE the flower to the metal, I like to have options.  I used some fabulous Glue Arts massive glue dots to hold the velcro.  They aren't really dots, they are more large squares of intensive holding power. (Yeah, I won them too!)

I am pretty sure I have enough flowers for several lifetimes.  Or at least the next few weeks!

Thanks Imaginisce!

Happy Weekend,


  1. Congratulations on winning! How fun to win and recieve such wonderful packages. The flowers are so pretty.

  2. Great prizes! And nice job on the flowers. :)

  3. I love to make flowers. They are such a special touch to any project.