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Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Baby and some dimensional cards

I love when I know who my baby is going to go to when I make it!  Here is the latest baby.  Will be giving it to a pregnant friend this week.

I purchased some dimensional image kits to use at card class.  Here are a couple samples I put together.
This one is just all circles, so you just have to line them up.

This one is a bit harder- it has lots of little pieces.  I didn't actually put them all on, I don't have any dimensional adhesive for such tiny pieces.   I think it looks nice anyways.  :)   I also think the adhesive foam I used was bit too thick on this one- I switched before I did the one up above to a softer foam so the pieces aren't quite so high.

Have a great week!  I am on antibiotics for another sinus infection, joy.   But I am six weeks post-op and feeling pretty good.


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