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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Octopi and the rest of the card class cards

I let all the niblings list their top picks for prizes as I have been feeling a bit off lately and need some distraction.   Strange things going on in my mind lately.  Pry the lupus is attacking it again... whatever.

So Tatie picked the Octopi.  (Is that a real word?  I don't have the energy to look it up!)

Here are the rest of the card class cards.  This one I picked so I could use the same supplies as the second grad card.  I had a PILE of one inch squares left over for the second card... but I wanted two (at least slightly) different cards.  I will let the ladies color the stamp if they want, but I liked it in black and white.

Jodi requested wedding cards.  This might be a bit whimsical, but I liked it.  I think of the trike and regular bike in the background as childhood and being single... and now the tandem bike is center stage.

In case Jodi didn't find the bike card acceptable, I wanted another choice.  I saw a technique online for inking embossing folders before embossing with them, so I tried it.  Worked great!  I remember one card class where I had people embossing on white-core cardstock and then sanding- didn't work out so well.  Neither did inking after embossing.  I think this will be easier for them.  :)

Have a good week!


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  1. All your cards are great. Love the colors on all of them. Those "octopi" are so adorable!