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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Men in Black and daisy power

Happy Saturday!

    I have made about five of these ninjas.  Sorry, my camera sucks on photographing black things!  I am getting better at the little silver stars tho...  :)  This one is for Logan.  He came over Thursday and demanded I make him something.  He made a list of about ten items, then I quit writing them down and made him list in order of wanting.  His number one pick was the mushroom family, and he wanted me to start right away.  Then he sat next to me saying "crochet faster!"  When he left, I promptly picked up my book and read the rest of the day... and the whole next day... then I remembered I said I would have something done by Sunday.  So today I made him a ninja cuz I knew I could finish it in only a couple hours.  Moral of the story- hollering "crochet faster!" does not appear to work.

This is a panda I made last week for Moo's birthday.  I found some patterns online and she picked the one she liked best.
This is another card for card class. I have about a million one inch white squares from last year's graduation card class card, so I wanted to use some of them up.  The beautiful flowers are from Paper Wishes.  I got a huge bundle of flowers for a great price.  I have several words to choose from so the ladies can pick their occasion.

Hope your weekend is great!



  1. These are so adorable. The ninja is so fun...funny story too...the panda is just to cute and the card so much fun.

  2. Funny story - TFS! Your card is adorable, and your crocheted item wonderful!