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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

book of the month

I forgot to put this in my previous post, I have another book recommendation.

Critical care : a new nurse faces death, life, and everything in between
by Brown, Theresa.

This book chronicles the first year of a nursing career, and it is really interesting.  Ms. Brown started out on a cancer ward, and the book covers her life, the patients, and the working environment.  Since I like looking into other people's lives, the book was great.  :)

  The reasons I really wanted to read it are twofold.  First, my sister recently told me of her first "code" where the person died, a few years ago when she worked as a cardiac rehab therapist.  The second is that my cousin started her nursing career as a pediatric cancer nurse, so the stories from this nurse's experiences gave me a glimpse into what Barb experienced.

It was both good and bad to read this book after my recent surgery.  Good because she says nurses are so used to dealing with poop that it doesn't faze them, which taught me that my fears of having an accident in the hospital were unfounded.  Bad because one of the code stories involved an old surgical incision that split open... wide open.... which is scary when you recently had surgery!

All in all, well worth checking out from the library. (I don't ever actually purchase books, lol!)



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