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Thursday, July 28, 2011

more chain maille

Hello!  I am still pretty weak, maybe from the weather, but I did make a few more bracelets.  I got asked to make another set of Angry Birds, so that will pry be my next crochet project.  I am still working on the wreaths for the Christmas cards, and have a few birthdays coming up, so pry will post some cards eventually.... :)
This bracelet is fairly simple.  It is called a flower link, because the three pink rings look like flowers.  It is from Beaded chain mail jewelry : timeless techniques with a twist  by Dylon Whyte.  I checked it out of the library and decided to purchase it.

This one was called Helm weave, I think.  :)    This is fromChained : create gorgeous chain mail jewelry one ring at a time by Mojica, Rebeca.   I did not decide to purchase it after checking it out because most of the designs were basic but adding colored rings.  Plus she had odd size rings in her patterns- I don't know where to get 17 gauge!

Have a great week!


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