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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hats. Hats.  Hats.  I have been pretty sick lately and all I feel like making is hats!

These two are from a book called Weekend Hats.  I got it from the library.

First is a lime green one I made for my sister Laura.
Next is a slouchy beanie with one cable.  It is done in the round, using purl stitch almost exclusively. (Not the cable, obviously.)  I like purl stitch.  When I started knitting, all the books and online sources said "We know purling is harder! Keep at it!" but, pry due to the odd way I hold my yarn, purling is even easier than the knit stitch for me.  :)
I am self taught, and didn't realize I hold the yarn oddly until I saw someone else actually knitting.  I figure so what! It works for me.
   Anyways, giving this hat to my SIL Julie, she loves cables!

Have a great week!


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