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Thursday, April 12, 2012

rings for the ears and fingers... but no toes.

I love the feather in the hair look, but I can't do it to myself since my headgear for my nighttime breathing machine rips the feathers out quickly.  I decided to do the next best thing- feather earrings!  I like the pair I made so much I ordered a bunch more colored feathers off of Etsy.  I also realized I can use my cord ends to connect the feathers and not the hair crimp beads.  :)

I went on a shopping adventure with Julie last week and bought the cutest button ring.  It was on clearance, and pink, and even tho I knew I could make them, I had to have it.  I also had to make more when I got home.  :)

This uses on of my fave buttons from my button jar, with engraved flowers.  sweet, huh?

This one uses my first choice button- the flower is super sweet.  I couldn't find any buttons even close to these at walmart today.  Will have to go to the button store- would that be a fabric store?  :)

Have a great week!


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