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Saturday, April 14, 2012

rings and rings and cool nails

You won't believe it, but I actually made more rings than this yesterday.  The nieces were over and each had to have two or three....  Even my SIL wanted one!

It is fun to make different combos with the buttons.  And once you decide on the buttons, the ring takes about a minute to make.

more rings!

Now I purposely left my fingernail in the last shot.  Cool nails, huh?  I bought some Sally Hanson Nail Polish Strips last week, and applied them on Saturday.  Now, normally, I wreck my manicure before I finish it.  The strips are great- once you figure them out- and last way longer than regular polish.   I have had them on for a week, and except for a small wire mishap, they are holding up pretty dang good.  You can see wear at the tips, but usually the support rings I wear on  my thumbs wreck the polish the first day and they haven't budged the strips!  One note:  You should put a coat of clear top coat over them, tho the instructions don't say to- I heard that from the company.

Have a great weekend!


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