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Friday, April 30, 2010


I read a few non-fiction books this week.

First, I read the Kitty Kelly Oprah bio, which was okay. It was WAY longer than it had to be!! Some of the stuff she told three or four times. I got bored. If you want the gist, Oprah is mean in person, thinks only of herself, switches "on" when a camera comes, doesn't give away barely any money compared to what she has... um.... lies about her past, she was no where near as dirt poor as she claims. She and Stedman may or may not be dating each other to cover that they are gay. She gave Gayle about a billion dollars in presents, and Gayle's ex husband ended up divorcing her cuz he couldn't compete. yada yada

But! If you are thinking about donating your body to science, or a loved one's body, you must must must read

Body brokers : inside the underground trade in human remains / Annie Cheney

Some med schools get more bodies than they need, and SELL the extras. You could end up being blown up by the military to test body armor, or parts of you could end up duct taped to tables in hotel conference rooms while medical supply companies teach doctors to use their products.

And, if you don't donate your body to science, it is a booming business for funeral parlors and cremation places. They just might chop you up and sell off some of your parts. Your family may or may not get any of your actual ash back.

In fact, your body may earn up to 200,000 dollars after your death, with NONE of it going to your family.

If you are squeamish, you might want to skip parts. But it is a fascinating book, with actual names named like "the University of Michigan"!!!!

Also, tissue and bone donation is discussed. Did you know even the doctor that is using cadaver bone or tissue in your surgery doesn't know where it came from? And you could get sick, or even die as a man from ST. CLOUD, MINNESOTA did after a knee surgery?? (Okay, it might have been St. Paul, I think it was St. Cloud!)

Interesting reading all around.


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