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Thursday, April 8, 2010

buying stuff

So I bought a bunch of stuff last month when HSN had free shipping on all craft items. I was feeling a bit badly about it, but today I did a cool project with one of the new tools, and I LOVE IT. I could see doing a million things, and many fam members wanting to also, so it was worth it. :) Okay, so a few other things I haven't tried yet, but I will get to it!

I found out this week that Stampin' Up! is retiring a BUNCH of colors. This caused a huge uproar on the stamping forums, but didn't really affect me until I realize they are retiring Blush Blossom. The paper I use for flesh tones for paper dolls. They have NOTHING else to replace it in peach flesh tones either. And I already have searched all over before buying Blush Blossom, cuz it is expensive for paper dolls. Guess I have to purchase a few packs to have on hand for years to come... I do like the other new colors tho, and I don't worry about matching ink to paper like the other forum people seem to. I purchased light and dark inks of all the colors, not all of them, so I am good there.

Have a great week,


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