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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

random stuff

I was going to call this post "random things that irritate me" but I might have the energy to talk about myofascial massage at the end, and that is not irritating, lol.

First, I hate the commercial that claims that the soap dispenser is the germiest thing in the world. I don't mind touchless soap dispensers, but you touch the dispenser BEFORE you wash your hands. Who cares if it is germy? You are just washing your hands anyways. What you should worry about is the faucet. You turn the water on with your germy hands, wash them, then turn the water off, transferring the very germs you wanted to rid yourself of BACK to your hands!! Think about that one.

Second, I hate commercials that use actors when they could/should use real people. Yesterday I saw a commercial for one of those business school type places, and they had two lovely girls talking about how it changed their lives. Except the bottom of the screen said they did NOT graduate from the school and were NOT students. Why not just use actual students? You pry wouldn't even have to pay them, they would be so excited to be on tv. I do appreciate the Restatis (however it is spelled) eye drop commercial because the lady in it is actually a doctor and does use the drops. Makes the commercial more believable to me. Even tho I refuse to use any drops and have terrible dry eyes. :)


I can't member what else I feel like ranting about, so I will talk about the myofascial stuff. My hand therapist taught my SIL Julie some to help my back. (I may have posted about this.) Since then, Julie took a several day class, and came over Friday to work on me. She spent over two hours, and only managed to do a few areas, because, in her own words, I am "a brick".

She focused on my back first, including the very low back, where I have had bad pain, mostly associated with my period, which for the past ten-ish years was continuous. (It takes a few weeks off now and then since I started getting Depo shots 2 years ago.) She spent TONS of time before she could get any movement at all. It was interesting- when it gets moving, it feels like she is twisting you and it burns like electricity. Not really hurts, but you feel something.

After my back, she did my head/neck some, my feet and also the back of my legs below the knees. I had told her that I had noticed years ago that when I lay down on my back (I always sleep that way) it feels like my lower legs are really tense and they don't really relax. Of course, they also were brick like.

During the treatment, she asked me to tell her if I felt tingling or anything in other areas than the one she was working on. When she did my upper back, my jaw started trembling wildly. After she finished, we went upstairs and ate supper. I took one bite of my sandwich and howled "oowww! My teeth HURT!" For some reason, it just hurt to chew. Strange, huh? I also found myself walking with a strange hunch because my lower back really hurt. My teeth were fine the next day tho.

That night when I went to bed, I started laughing. My left leg felt about half relaxed, the right was, as usual, not at all, so it felt like I was tipping over. When it feels like one leg is pressing down more on the bed than the other, you feel like you are twisting and falling.... I thought it was a good sign tho!

Julie called to check on me the next day and reminded me in some cases, like if you are a brick, it takes many sessions and can feel worse before it gets better. I assured her I knew. That day I was just off in general, and still hunched.

By Sunday I was feeling normal for me. Then I started to get a burning pain between my shoulder blades- a really painful spot for me. Otherwise my back seemed less sensitive. Usually when I lay down I have to make sure there are no wrinkles in the sheets or my jammas, becuz wrinkles HURT. So that was nice.

Monday morning when I woke up and lay in bed trying to think of a reason to actually get out of bed, I realized that sometime during the night my right lower leg had relaxed some and was not as stiff- not as much as the left, but definitely an improvement! I laugh when I think of the millions of stretches and exercises I have done trying to loosen up my legs- when I really needed Julie to work on them. Maybe after the next treatment they will actually feel normal? And not stiff??? Wouldn't that be fun. :)

I do recommend Myofacial treatments for all. Julie is not treating the public yet, but her sister Shari, who is also a massage therapist, has completed all three myofascial classes and is taking patients!

Have a great week,

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