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Monday, April 12, 2010

stupid commercials

I have been really sick, so I am easily irritated. Here is a list of commercials that make me want to scream.

My most hated is the Swiffer one. First, swiffer is the most chemical laden thing you can bring into your home. The Norwex lady said it is the leading bad product. Second, I thought I HATED the "baby come back" version. I screamed every time I heard the song start. Until, that is, they replaced it with the "who's that lady" version which taught me the real meaning of hatred. Why oh why do I want to listen to the stupid song while the mop and feather duster fall in love??? Stupid, stupid, stupid. I hate it. I cover my ears and close my eyes and scream in my head until it is safe to come out. I can't believe I thought the mop getting on the bus with a suitcase of clothes was dumb. Dusting and cleaning tools having dinner in the garage is WAY worse.

Next is the pregnancy test one where they say "80% of women misread the leading pregnancy test". Every time I hear this I scream "READ THE DIRECTIONS YOU IDIOTS!!" and really hope it is negative cuz they seem too dumb to have kids.

I really really hate all the commercials promising to get you out of paying your back taxes. "Owe fifty billion? We can get the IRS agree to five bucks!!" Why not just pay your freaking taxes? Why is there is a whole industry devoted to NOT paying your taxes???

I also hate the mystyle.com "test drive" commercial for the twenty two dollar SUCKER. They claim the people they polled thought TWENTY TWO dollars was a good price for the sucker cuz it has a bedazzled stick. Who are they polling? Who would drop twenty bucks on a sucker? Obviously someone on drugs....

I really really can't stand the Mr. Clean commercial where one sponge says to the other, "he's cleaning a shoe!" and the second sponge says "what's a sheee ow?" Hello. The first one says it right, but the second one can't???

My current rage is at the Walmart roll back commercial. The nice truck driver says he planned his route better and saved Wal MILLIONS of dollars. Why oh why wouldn't they have done this twenty years ago if it really saved that much money??? How much was that driver spending on gas? A trillion bucks a year? so confusing.

Hope this helps you appreciate tv a bit more,



  1. I did a comment and it erased. Dang. All I will say again is that O wants "Senny to read" like that dang commercial about teaching your baby to read. Pretty funny when he doesn't read yet himself. Dork.

  2. Swiffers are DANGEROUS!!! We have dogs so we do not own one because the chemicals can hurt my babies!!

    I am going to be testing out lots of different recipes and such and I will keep you posted. I have heard that gum paste doesn't taste like anything except sugar, but I have never tried it. I am a total novice at this so I am going to try it all. I might be a bit naive but I think cakes can look awesome AND taste awesome too so that is what I am going to strive for :)