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Friday, April 30, 2010


Most nights when I am watching tv I am raging at it. :) Since I have no one to discuss my rages with, I am going to post some of them here. Just for fun. HA!


Last night was the season finale of LA Ink. I have watched this show since it started. In the beginning, it was about a lady, Kat, who was opening a tattoo shop in Hollywood. The show focused on the people working there, but really seemed to be about the people coming for tattoos. They would tell why they picked the tattoo, what it meant to them, stuff like that. (A lot of people get tattoos after deaths of friends or family.)

Then last season, the shop got a new manager, and a few new tattoo artists, that didn't work out. Most of the season focused on why they didn't fit in "the family" and eventually they got fired. More drama, but more boredom.

This season, yet again Kat hires a manager that "doesn't fit in the family". The whole season is about her and eventually she gets fired. Clearly the show now is about adding someone for drama and, strangely enough, they also focused part of every show on the manager that got fired LAST SEASON and the shop she works at now. So like a third of the show isn't even about LA Ink. But, also, the show focused on Kat, who is way more selfish, always so busy and tired and has so much to do, and very whiny about it. I actually didn't even like her anymore by the end of the show. I just got irritated every time I watched, so I am glad it is over and hopefully I won't notice when the new season starts. :)


Thursday is also "Real Housewives of New York" night. I just have to say that when I heard the "countess" has a new single out called "Money Doesn't Buy You Class" I was really hoping she realized she does NOT have ANY class. But sadly I think I am wrong. She is saying no one but her has class. Sigh.

Also this year I realize I don't like Jill. I used to like her, I thought she was sarcastic and funny, but this year I realize she is just... mean. Not as much fun.


Just a random rant about House Hunters. I like this show, especially the International ones, but it seems like the realitors never actually listen. If a client says they want 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, why bother showing them houses that don't have that??? Okay, sometimes the person does pick a house that doesn't match what they requested, but it still bothers me. Are there really no houses in France that have what the client says?? Must they settle for 2 bedrooms?? sigh.


I officially no longer claim any Finnish heritage. For weeks I have seen ads for a show coming to MTV called the Dudesons or some such name. It basically is like Jackass. The guys do stupid things and almost kill themselves and laugh like crazy. Stuff that makes me really think about the state of people today. Then I read in the paper that they are from.... Finland. Joy. Don't you feel special now if your ancestors came from that land?

Have a great week,

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