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Thursday, June 3, 2010


If you remember the terror of bugs in feb, you will understand why the two topics I wanted to post about today are postponed.

To recap- I feel like bugs crawl on me all the time. I also see things out of the corner of my eye, and my brain interprets the motion as bugs. In feb there was the attack of the box elder bugs, when there were bugs actually on me at times. It took MONTHS for me to convince myself that there were no more bugs and to start ignoring the "bug on me!" signals coming from my brain.

Then this morning when I was on the puter, I glanced down at my hand, after ignoring the "bug!" signal, to see.... an ant crawling on my hand. I smashed it, jerked back to see several more crawling on the desk. I vacated the basement.

Now I am back, was going to go on the bike, but still can smell the bad chemicals Dad sprayed this morning. So I pry will skip. Specially since pesticide exposure was one of the triggers for my Lupus. I did spray peppermint oil on all the doors on the main level, and dump several (okay, many) peppermint cotton balls in my room. That was effective last year keeping ants from coming in under the front door.

Look forward to "book of the week" and "the tv show I currently hate the most" coming soon!


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