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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

nother good book

Okay, I admit, I have never been married and pry never will, but I truly enjoyed:

Miss Manners' Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding
by Judith Martin and Jacobina Martin

I just enjoy the way Miss Manners can cut someone down so politely that they don't get that she is making fun of them. :)

For example:

Dear Miss Manners:
What would be the tactful way to say "no presents but a money tree"?

Gentle Reader:
"Never mind all that junk- just gimme your wallet."


I think all the Bridezillas should read this book. :) For the record, it is both you and the groom's day, ladies. Just saying.

I learned some things. The response card is a late addition to wedding invites, and not proper, etiquettely speaking. Guests are supposed to respond immediately, in writing, accepting or declining. Response cards were thrown in to try to force RSVP compliance. They are not needed.

Cash grubbing and begging for gifts is, of course, not proper. You may register, but you should not advertise that and let people curious to ask your relatives. If you are asked, you must pretend to be a bit frazzled and say you can't remember but surely your mom, sister, ect would know. :) There are also stories about people registering for things they don't want and returning them, allowing them to be repurchased by other guests and getting thousands of dollars that way. Eww.

Amusing book, as Miss Manners always is! Crazy things going on out there. Remember, you never HAVE to bring a gift to a wedding. Of course, if you don't care about the couple enough to want to give them something to celebrate their wedding, why would you go?

And, if you are invited to an engagement party, 3 showers and a wedding, just say "no" to any you don't want to attend. There is no need to send a gift if you don't wish too. One gift per wedding is plenty....


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