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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

various rants

I have been really sick, and sleeping, and not posted for a while. I figured Julie needed to hear some ranting tho, so I am forcing myself to do so today. I also realized that the crappier I feel, the crabbier I holler at the tv. Interesting, huh?

First, I heard (cuz I was busy and didn't look up, or too tired to open my eyes, I don't member which!) a commercial today that said "when you have children, the words "good morning" take on a whole new meaning." Okay, I don't have kids, but what on earth does that mean?? Anyone with kids want to take a shot at it? Maybe they mean "get back to bed you bratty kids"? Nah, the parent wouldn't say "good morning" if that is what they meant. Help!

I recently realized two commercials are giving me conflicting info. I hate hate hate the commercials that say you DON'T have to pay your back taxes or your credit card debts, and there is one running now that says there is a government bailout for credit card debts. Now, I was pretty sure that was a lie, cuz that WOULD have made the news. The banks got bailed out, but not the customers. Then yesterday, another commercial said there ISN'T a bailout for consumers' credit cards, but they still can help you cuz the banks did. Both commercials were for debt help places, and both pry just take your money and run, but how can they say opposite things? Are you allowed to LIE when you advertise your products and services? Isn't anyone monitoring what these places say? Didn't MN's attorney general recently take action about these debt companies?

I can just see all the people with maxed credit cards calling and demanding their money from the credit card bailout. Sigh.


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  1. I don't get the 'good morning' thing. Maybe I'll have to watch the commercial? Funny.

    Weird about the debt/credit cards. I agree it's bad advertising.