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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Back to the Blog

Okay, Julie is angry that I haven't posted for a while. :) I have been super busy working on a baby gift, which I can't post a picture of until it is given. The strange thing is that when I finished it Monday, I started on a sock, decided it was not going right and ripped it out. Then yesterday I could NOT start over on it! I, for some reason, decided to start crocheting! I am now happily crocheting a scarf. I have about six inches done, and it is going well I think.

Here are some socks I finished since I last posted:



The reason it is so strange I can't knit the next pair of socks is that I was super excited about them. They are for my goddaughter, and she wants a very short cuff, so I am going to do a lace pattern down the top of the foot. I didn't like the first one I chose tho, and then got "off" the whole thing. I hope my sock mojo comes back soon, I still haven't knit myself a pair!

And, yes Doug, I know I owe you one. Is yours the green/brown or the black/white? I have both colors in a back marked Doug/Dad and I don't remember which colors goes with which person!

I should have scanned Jodi's graduation card, it was super cool. Maybe I will see if she will do it since this is her last week of student teaching!
Have a great week,


  1. You never "blog" anymore. Surprised you did it today!

  2. Hey Anne, a voice from your past here, formerly known as Sue He*n*nen. Good friend of your cousins Kim and Linda, sis in law to Joan Pe**ala. I found your blog by jumping from Jennifer J. to Julie's. You blog like you used to talk so I assuming you're still the same Anne. I hope your health is okay. Blog more about what you're up to. I'm gathering that you now live in MN. Do you ever hear from those cousins? If you have an email address for either/both of them I would love to contact them. I blog about my life at sueandlarryslife.blogspot.com...you could leave contact info for them there, I moderate comments so I won't print it. thanks...it was great finding you!

  3. Very cool. Glad you blogged- I love to see what you're up to. :) Plus, I get angry when you don't. ;( Hee-hee!