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Saturday, May 16, 2009

WalMart Pharm sucks, continued

For those who have short memories, or who haven't read all my posts, last month I went back to the Walmart Pharmacy THREE times trying to get one of my meds. First time they said they were waiting on the doctor, the second time they said it was the insurance, and the third time they said it was never actually called in. So, I had the doctor call it in AGAIN.
Now, the reason this script is so important is because it is for Imodium/Loperamide. I take this up to 8 times a day to stop diarrhea, and is the only reason I can leave my house. The doctor had called in a new script for the wrong amount in February, and I didn't notice for a few months cuz I had a bit of a surplus. The problem now was with the script for the right amount- that I have gotten that way, in that amount (except for a few months recently) for SIX years at this same pharmacy.
When I called in my refills yesterday, I specifically asked about the loperamide with the correct amount. The man, Bob, told me it was filled and waiting for me. (spoiler alert! he lied!) I asked him to be sure it was not pulled before I came in today.

Today I went to Maila's skating extravaganza, then to Wal for my meds. The lady checked me out, finding 8 total, but they were in 3 bags so it took a few minutes. I paid and started to leave, but had a feeling I better check, so I ripped all the bags open and looked at my meds. Sure enough, no loperamide. So I went down to the "consultation" window and asked the manager Keith why it wasn't in the bag. (I did mention I came 3 times last month trying to get it.)

He looked me up, hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, finally told me the insurance wouldn't cover that many and it cost sixty dollars. I asked "well, how many will they pay for?" He looked around for a while and said, no, it was the doctor's fault, he put "Imodium" and they don't carry the brand name, and I would have to get Loperamide. I said I have been taking that specifically for twenty odd years. He spent maybe five minutes doing something, then said there were actually TWO scripts for it (surprise! Thought the first one didn't exist, hey?) and he could fill one, but he didn't know if they had enough. I mentioned that I had been getting that amount monthly for six years, he said, yes, but you recently cut down. (the script for the wrong amount, remember?) I sighed, he checked, said, oh we have enough. I cheer. I say should I come back in 30 minutes? He said no, I printed the labels. Slapped them on the bottle and told me to go to the register.

I walked away slightly confused yet happy and went to look at yarn. :)

Strange how it took the manager to find the scripts?

For future reference... ask for Keith!

Happy weekend,

PS- oh, the skating thing was fun but long. Lots of skating and Maila for only a few minutes. She has really improved since last year tho!


  1. I think Keith goes to our church.

  2. Ugh. Not another mixup!

    Hopefully there are pictures of Maila skating?