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Friday, May 8, 2009

Rant of the Day

Better be careful what you wish for, people who told me to start blogging again! HA!

Okay, so I HATE the commercial that says "sometimes it is the responsible thing to do to declare bankruptcy." Responsible to who? The people you owe money to and are screwing over?
If it is so responsible, why don't we all do it? Then the companies we hose can do it too! Then the government will have to! YAY! Course, the government is already trillions in debt, but that is another story... or rant...

So I went to walmart today. Can I just say they have the WORST pharmacy EVER???? I am in constant fights with them. Three weeks ago, my doctor called in two prescriptions for me. I went to pick them up that day. The cashier/pharm lady told me one was ready, but the other one wasn't, because they had to talk to the doctor. I said he called it in TODAY, what more was there to discuss? She said it was an insurance thing.

(Rant within rant coming!) I have SilverScript for my Part D. I hate them. They have done nothing but mess up and deny and try to tell me I don't need meds I have been on for twenty years. So, I did believe the pharm cashier.

Then I went back last week. I asked about my script. They told me it was not ready yet, they had not heard from the insurance yet. I leave again without it.

Yesterday I happened to visit the doc in question. I inquired about the script. He was puzzled and said no one contacted him about it.

I was in Wal again today. I went the pharm to check on it. The pharm cash is the one I like, who has lupus also, so we visit. I ask her about the script. She couldn't find anything on the puter, and told me to "go down to the other end and holler at them." The actual pharmacist overheard this and panicked. We laughed. I trudged down to the other end and asked the lady there about it. Hmm... Strange. She never has heard about this prescription. There is no info about it at all. It was never called in. *she claims* but she would be happy to fax the doctor and ask him to send it over again.

After only the THIRD inquiry they suddenly never heard of it? What about all the other times they claimed the insurance was fussing? Will I get it next time? Will the insurance fuss???

Stay tuned and see if these questions are ever answered.....

and stay tuned for the 3rd post of the day, coming up next!


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