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Monday, May 25, 2009

socks and random bag

It was Tessa's socks the somehow made me take up crochet. I tried again last week, and the diagonal lace I tried made the sock WAY too stretchy and too large. Hailey tried it on and claimed to like it tho, so I made the second sock and handed them over to her.
(Note to any sock knitters- do not use this pattern!)

I will try yet again with a different lace pattern for T.

I also finished this crocheted purse yesterday. I started with a pattern from a book, but the single crochet was too slow and drove me crazy. I started doing a holey double crochet (adapted from the scarves.) and then when I decided it was big enough I added extra stitches between the double crochets so it ruffled out. I did NOT crochet the drawstring tho- I did a knit i-cord for that. I think it came out very cute, for a little girl, my target recipient.

This view is looking inside- with Hailey's socks inside. :)

Hope you have a great week,


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