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Friday, May 8, 2009

super easy, super cute baby gift

One day my sister Laura called me and told me she had seen the coolest baby girl headbands. She said they were made from tights and had large flowers on them. I had just happened to have recently purchased a paper crafting kit of large flowers, thinking I had to have them for SOME reason, so I figured I could make some sort of headband for her. I put out a call to all friends with girls for tights, but months passed and no tights. Today I realized Laura is days (or less!) away from giving birth, so I gave in and purchased some girl's nylons from the store. (They were only two dollars, and you get two headbands!)

Here is how I made the headband. I didn't want raw edges, even under the flower, plus I wanted to have changeable flowers, so I found a piece of white velvet ribbon in the bead room.

I cut one leg off, tucked the toe in the cut end, and sewed it up, scrunching a bit as I went.

Then I cut the ribbon to fit and sewed it around the headband.

I went to the bead room and added a scratchy velcro sticky dot. (I hate sewing velcro!) Then I assembled the paper flowers and added the soft velcro dots to them.

Finished! In about five minutes!

I think Laura will love it.

Have a great weekend,


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  1. So cute, Anne! After Laura talked about it (I think I was there?), I googled it to see what she meant. I think they are cute and yours is especially adorable... :) She will love it.