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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My friend borrowed a barbie from my nieces, thru me, and it somehow was returned to me minus a shirt. I knew the nieces would not appreciate this, thus I decided to make her one. I had been thinking about knitting Barbie clothes for a while, so I googled and found some neat patterns. (They do have some errors, okay, quite a few errors, but are easy to fix once you spot them.)
This is the shirt I made to replace the lost one:

The yellow dress is the first piece I attempted. After seeing it finished, I decided it would make a better gift for a birthday... instead of a "sorry I lost the shirt" gift. So I will be putting it away for the right occasion.

This was my second outfit. After I finished it, I redid the shirt in pink to match the original skirt and replace the missing shirt.

These are fairly quick, and easy, to knit. They are done with baby yarn and size 2 needles, which I am used to from all the socks. I think I will take the leftover sock yarn bits and make some fancy pattern outfits next.

Have a great week,


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  1. Ooo, gorgeous. Love the last one best- it would look awesome in full human scale. :)