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Monday, March 29, 2010


When we were on the way home from the doctor today, I had 27 facebook updates already in mind so I decided just to blog it. :)

First, I did put on minimal makeup and jewelry, and wet my hair, but I totally forgot to do the actual fixing part when it was air dried. Sigh. Lucky it is short and looks okay enough without the fluffing part. And that I did wet and comb it at least!!

Then I had an interesting doctor visit. It is funny how the doctor is always really concerned about one little thing you say, and not about the things you are really worried about! She snapped to attention when I mentioned that I feel like there are bugs crawling on me. Lots of writing on that point. But not so concerned that I forgot how to do the KFB increase. She said "go see the neuro".... but I am not sure I want to cuz she muttered something about "lumbar punctures" (which is the MS test they have done before) and it is really really bad for me. Apparently I don't give up spinal fluid easily. The first one I had, 20 years ago, they blew totally and I got the worst spinal headache for over a week- crawling around puking. The one that was most recent, they couldn't do it until they strapped me on a table, flipped me around, and took continuous xrays to position the needle. Not the most fun either.

I asked, as usual, about pain. She said the Ultracet is the best for my type of pain, but grudgingly said I could take ONE Aleve ONE time a week if I needed to. I am not sure if I should try it, cuz if it made it hurt less, I might not be able to stay at ONCE a freaking week. She said the only other option is a pain clinic, but they don't do well with everywhere pain and most likely would want to do injections, which would hurt me more and not help. Sigh.

I don't know if I dare say "worse" to her anymore tho... she said the only other option for me is...CHEMO. Which I would like to avoid. I feel unless life is so bad I don't mind dying, put the chemo off a bit longer... :)

I wanted to do eggs for the kids this sunday, but since Gregory can't have candy, I wanted little toys to put in them instead. We stopped at the Monticello new Wal, and it is fab, but I can never ever go there again, at least during the day. The whole roof is skylights. I was cramping and itching and dying after only ten minutes. Found a prize for the kids, but not enough stuff to actually hide the eggs. Whatever.

Oh, we also went to Chilis for lunch. The Chicken Crisper mini bite sandwiches are OFF the menu again. They were there last time, not the time before, yes the time before that.. so I figure next time they should be back. :) I got "crispy chicken crispers" as opposed to "chicken crispers" but I did not see a difference. Dad's Memphis Dry Rub Ribs were, well, DRY and overcooked so he was not impressed. Mom had some guiltless wrap and loved it.

Tomorrow I am off to Shari's decor elements party!

Have a good week,

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  1. Chilis is delish. Wish the Applebees in Buffalo was a Chilis to be honest for a little change once in a while. Doctors are always weird and glom onto different things in the conversation. At least your doctor didn't rant and rave at you like Ben's did the other month. That's the bright side I guess. Then the other doctor ranted and raved about the pain clinic and that Ben was going to end up unemployed with no family if he went that route. Ben was grinning at me and I knew he was thinking...."I am all ready unemployed...." Love ya! Laura