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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

bug rant

I hate bugs. Hate them. And since Mom and Dad have been away for the past five weeks, and around three weeks ago the stupid stupid box elder bugs started to wake up, I have been killing "elot" (as O would say) of bugs. One day there were THIRTEEN bug kills. Luckily Ben came over and took care of a few or I might have... given in and let the bugs take over.

I have a tip tho. At night, usually around 9 or so, I like to lay on my bed and play a Free Cell handheld game. This means my light is off. Since I am the only one in the house, I leave the landing light on. The bugs are drawn to the light and hang out in the hall. I kill two or three at a time in the evenings. This technique of drawing them in requires care tho, because you MUST not let them into the bedroom. I have already had one on my head, and it ain't fun.

To add to the bug drama, I am always quite itchy and kinda feel like there are bugs crawling on me. This wasn't a big deal until a few weeks ago when... there WAS a bug crawling on me. So far I have had four of them actually on me, and that doesn't count the ladybug that was on my pants this morning when I was getting dressed. Sigh. Talk about added paranoia! Now when I feel like there is a bug crawling on me I actually have to check!! This may be from the Lupus, or the meds, or who knows why, but it is awkward. Instead of just touching the icky feeling area to calm it down, I have to either look at it or carefully brush it with my hand in case there really is something there!

Also, I have a problem with seeing things move out of the corner of my eyes. Usually I can ignore it, but now I always think it is a bug flying by. Luckily the box elder bugs only fly when D is over, and I make him kill them. Otherwise they have always been just crawling around. If one ever took off and flew in my face I would pry faint.

The exposure to the bugs has not dampened my hatred. I still hate them. But now I do enjoy the crunch of the back breaking when I smash them in a kleenex.

Can't wait for Dad, the bug killer, to arrive home again!


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