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Friday, March 12, 2010

toothpaste and music

What a combo, hey? :)

I have been using the same brand toothpaste, colgate, for years, because it doesn't contain sorbital (only some versions) and I am allergic. I have also been having problems with my toothpaste.... for one, it doesn't seem to dissolve very well. If you drop some in the sink, you can't just rinse it down, you have to wipe it out. I started wondering if sorbital makes toothpaste more dissolvable. (If toothpaste doesn't dissolve in water, what good is it?)

I also have problems with my sink. About every month it starts really having trouble draining. Now, I ONLY wash my hands and brush my teeth in that sink. No one else uses it, except perhaps guests, who would be only washing their hands. What would cause it to plug up?? I started thinking perhaps the non-dissolving toothpaste was getting trapped down in that elbow thing and building up and up and up and plugging it up....

Then one day I was watching tv and saw a commercial for toothpaste that foams madly and cleans between the teeth. I went to the store and searched the toothpaste aisle for this type of toothpaste, found it, and read the back. Sortibal is the FIRST or SECOND ingredient, depending on brand. Hmm.... perhaps my theory is correct? After much additional searching, I found a new brand, Arm and Hammer, that does not have sorbital. I planned to give it a try and see if it helped with the sink problem.

Until, that is, I went to use if for the first time. As I opened the box, I went over the ingredients again to be sure it was sorbital free. My eye got caught on the Poison Control Warning. I am sure I have seen it a million times, but for some reason this time it really sank in. Call Poison Control at once if you swallow more than the amount you usually brush with. Rinse your mouth COMPLETELY after brushing.

Now, I usually just wet my brush to rinse. I started worrying about it. I brushed very very carefully and grabbed a dixie cup (someone else in the house must have already knew about this- they are on the wall of the bathroom!) and rinsed. And rinsed. And rinsed. I could still taste the toothpaste. Was it poisoning me???

Why would they make a product that is placed in the mouth poisonous? Does this make any sense at all??

So, naturally I googled it. It appears the fluoride is what makes it poisonous. For example, Colgate for Kids can kill up to a nine year old if they eat the whole tube. Plus, of course, the sorbital can cause diarrhea, which is what it does to me. I recently saw something about the whole fluoridated water thing being bad, but I don't remember what....


Now on to Music.

I am pretty tired of my old fave music, the 80s music, being used in commercials. Do you remember "Raunchy like a hurricane"?
(Yes, I know the lyrics claim to be "rock you", but it does sound way more like "raunchy".)
I don't mind the song, but I finally had to actually look up to see what they were selling when I kept hearing it on tv.

Brace yourselves.

SALTINES. Yep, crackers. Why would you want your crackers to be either raunchy OR rock you??? HELLO????

Kinda strange way to sell crackers.


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