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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ranting Again

I hate hate hate feeling super crappy. Just when I get used to a level of crappiness, I go lower. Sigh.
The problem is that I have trouble coming up with projects to work on when I am this sick.
First, it has to be interesting enough to make me want to give up laying on my bed playing free cell.
Second, it has to be NOT BORING cuz I have trouble keeping my eyes open. The Barbie wedding dress I am working on is all knit on tiny needles for like five more inches. Can't work on it, cuz my eyes glaze over.
Third, it can't be too complicated like the hat Shari wants, cuz I don't have the brain power to follow it.
So, it is hard to find something to do... and I am going to order a bunch more lib books!


I hate, hate, hate the Walmart pharm. Why do I shop there? Cuz if I go to any other pharm in Buff, I have to have whoever is giving me a ride take me to Wally to get craft stuff anyways. Sigh.

This month I tried the online ordering. (Not sure if I posted last month when I tried the "free shipping" option- they couldn't do it with my insurance and somehow deleted the script and the local guys had to straighten it out just to find the script... sigh.)
Anyway, I went online and put in all the ones I wanted refilled, and put to have them filled at the Buff location. Got about 3 emails over the next few days telling me they were "processing" then on Monday-ish one saying 9 were done, 1 they were out of, and 1 the insurance wouldn't fill. I went and looked up the number (They really could list the drug names in the emails!) and it was celebrex. Last year it took my doctor 3 months to get it covered, so I figured I was out of luck for a while on that. I waited until Wednesday so the one that was out could come in stock, then went to pick them up.
There was no line. (Strange, hey? There is ALWAYS a line....) I stood at the counter while the worker did stuff, flashing me a one minute sign. Finally she comes over and I give my name and info. She works on the computer for at least 3 or 4 minutes, muttering "celebrex" under her breath. Finally she calls over the pharmacist, who was wearing a full head scarf but did have her face showing. (Her name tag said "Muslima". ) She looked at the puter and tapped away, and finally looked up and said the insurance wouldn't pay for celebrex until I am 60. I said "Doesn't the doctor take care of that? The approval stuff?" She said "oh, do you want me to fax it to the doctor?" I said, "uh, yeah!" while thinking "you didn't do it LAST WEEK?????" So she wanders off and the clerk lady starts to collect my meds, a five minute process requiring lots of scanning, counting, and searching again for more bags.
As she finally gets them all and I sign for the insurance, I tell her I would like to pay there. (I keep the med receipts separately.) She finishes all the scanning, and asks me if I want to pay up front. I say no, here please. She heaves a huge sigh, looks at the one person who came up in the fifteen minutes I have been waiting, and shuffles the two feet to the check out register.
I pay and run fast away to get all my other stuff....

Why do I need to tell them to send the notice from the insurance to the doctor? Every year since I got Part D, like 4-5 years, the doctor has to fight for at least one drug. Last year it took THREE months to finally get the celebrex, but I had my dose changed and ran out an old script and had extra. Don't think I have that much this year... maybe a month if I am lucky.

It seems like no one at that pharm knows ANYTHING and if you ask the same question three times, you always get three separate answers. (That did happen to me one month. My script went from insurance troubles, to never having asked for it, to being out of refills....)

Sigh. I talked Loy into switching to Target and she loves it. (She didn't before cuz she thought it was hard. HA!) But they don't have a craft section...


I had other rants but can't member them. My head hurts pretty hard! :)

Have a good day,

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