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Sunday, March 28, 2010

brain lesions

I think a got a new brain lesion in the past few days...

I have been knitting for 3-7 years. I can't quite remember. One of the first stitches I learned after knit and purl was KFB, which is "knit in the front and the back", an increase stitch. I have done it thousands of times, as it is my fave increase, and could do it without thinking, as little as three days ago.

The past three days I have been super weak. Not tired, weak. I have mostly just read books and not done any crafting. Today I decided to get going on my current project cuz I am going to get a few new requests this week. I picked up the half done project, started working, got to a KFB and had no idea what to do. I could not conceive of how to do that stitch. I tried several times and nothing was right. I finally had to go dig out my books and look it up. After a few tries, I did it the right way and it was like it popped back into my head and I could do it again.

I think the path was blocked by a brain lesion.

Have you ever completely forgotten how to do something so familiar that you could (literally) do it with your eyes closed? Am I going to forget the knit stitch next? Or something worse, like how to use the toilet???



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  1. I can slightly understand your point. Sometimes at work I am working with a small child with handwriting and I completely forget how to form a certain letter. Any way that I write it looks and seems weird and there is a big eyed elementary school kid looking at me as the big expert. Not the same but sorta. Love ya!