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Friday, August 19, 2011

screen door card and monkeying around

My niece is at the age where she can open the house door but not the screen door, so the summer joke was that she "lives between the doors".  When I saw the screen door die from Cheery Lynn I had to purchase it just to make her a card.  I am sure I will get more use out of it- I purchased the extra screens too!  (The screen is real.  I made the door from  a plywood type paper.  I think next time I will try the real wood paper, or maybe a wood background stamp?)

Then I made a monkey for Hailey's birthday, before checking my datebook for something and seeing my note that I already gave money towards her gift.  Oh, well.  :)  She requested a monkey.  I thought the arms and tail were crazy long while I was crocheting it, but it came out cute.  The eye circles and muzzle were supposed to be felt, but I HATE putting felt on yarn animals.  If I wanted a felt animal, I would make one.  I want a crocheted animal.  SO I made one.  :)

Have a good weekend!


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