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Friday, August 12, 2011

sneak peek for Christmas

Warning:  If you are my sibling, do not let your children see this post!

I didn't feel like finishing the Christmas cards, but I did complete all the central elements, so I am doing great there.  I decided to start on the Advent Calendars that I purchased at the beginning of the year instead.  I purchased three, one for each of my siblings' families.  I am not sure what I am going to do to the outside yet, but I have all the little boxes finished! 

One side of the box has the countdown numbers. I like this style cuz they can use it year after year, and you can fit nice things inside the boxes.  They are about 2x2. 

I first covered both front and back of the boxes with 2x2 pieces of Christmas paper from a DCWV stack.  I then used an exacto knife to cut the little half circles out.  This lead to a "distressed" look, so I inked the circles to (cover up) add to it.

The boxes came with nice number sheets.  (Well, two did, and I have emailed the company to see about getting the third.)  I punched out 1.25 inch circles and put the numbers on top of them.

I wanted to decorate the backs, so when you take the day out, you can put it back in the other way to keep the count going correctly.  I used a punch, some stickers I found, and some die cuts.  I did layering and coloring on some of them.

Here is what it looks like closed.  I am not sure what I am going to do to the front of it.  I may put the family name down the spine tho... like it is a book.  The box shuts with 3 snaps, so it should be secure in storage.

Have a great week!  If you have any ideas for further decorating, let me know.


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