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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

mini animals and fan pulls

My quest for Christmas domination goes on.  Plus I am trying to finish out the rest of the year's birthdays.  :)

These cute little guys are for my Goddaughter's birthday.  I already have her Christmas gift done, a fact I had forgotten until I recently looked into my gift bin. ha!

They are a bunny and a chick.  The bunny was on her list, and I picked the chick to go with it.

Two of my nieces recently got a new ceiling fan, and they can't reach the pulls, so they asked me to make them some tassels.  They specified pink and light blue.  I chose to use some of my... cheaper... beads, as I have such large bags I figure they will still be around if I have to fix them.  I did double strand the fringe, and I will warn them to pull the whole tassel, not the fringe, but I figure they will need fixing sooner or later!

The tassels are my design made to fit over a wooden bead.  I then glue the bead chain into the center of the bead.  They end up pretty sturdy.

Have a great week!


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