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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Well, the big night out got cancelled due to icy roads. I already did my makeup even! Sigh. Full deal even.

I can tell how crummy I feel by how often I do the full makeup. I haven't put on mascara and cover up for a few weeks... but it was a big birthday dinner for my Aunts tonight, so I went all out. Now it's cancelled.

Tomorrow, if the roads clear up enough to go church, as mother asked me to do for her birthday, I will pry not do all the makeup... :) Mostly I have been doing just the bare minerals foundation and tinted mineral veil. Cuz Loy says the mineral veil is what makes me "look alive". HA!

I wrenched my leg today, I slipped in my room when I was getting dressed and did the splits. I have almost slipped a few times but always recovered until today. We shall see how it feels tomorrow- my leg aches more than usual now. Pry get lots of lovely bruises.


Anyways, I was wondering if anyone ever catches themselves holding their breath. I always thought breathing was automatic, and you didn't have to think about it, but after I got my CPAP machine I realized I seem to randomly breathe out, then not breathe in again, until I suddenly gasp for breath. When you have a machine blowing high pressure air up your nose, you can't really open your mouth, so I noticed pretty quick when I started gasping for air. Then I started paying attention, and I seem to do this at least a few times a day, but not so much at night anymore. :)

Makes me a bit paranoid, cuz aren't you supposed to just breath? Why would my body quit? Is it going to not start again sometime???

They always say that the body will fight for air.... yet mine seems to not care so much... odd, hey?

Have a good weekend,

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  1. I don't catch myself holding my breath. When Gregory was really sick, I would sometimes then. Never gasping for breath, though. I wonder why it happens to you?