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Friday, January 1, 2010

lupus brain and books

Earlier in the week I watched a cool show on tv about an FBI agent who developed an informant named Whitey Bulger. Basically they had grown up together on the south side of Boston, and Whitey was a gang leader (more Mafia than Crips) who could get away with anything (up to murder) if he gave info on the Mafia and others to the FBI. The whole concept intrigued me, so when they mentioned that a very close associate of Whitey named Kevin Weeks had a book out, I ordered it right away. Strangely enough, it was at the local lib already, so I got it pretty quickly.
Yesterday when I was going thru my book pile to pick what I was going to read, I quickly picked it up.

The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob
by Kevin Weeks

It is fascinating. At that time, in that place, the whole community was united, and Whitey ran all the illegal activities. If someone from the neighborhood was robbing in the neighborhood, Whitey had a "talk" with them and convinced them that you don't do that in your home area. If a single lady was being bothered, or her child, Whitey took care of it. You had each other's backs. Period. And fighting was common. However, if a lady said her daughter was being bothered, and she had a husband or sons, they laughed at her- it was up to her boys to take care of it.

For an example- one time Whitey heard a certain boy had slapped his niece. Kevin and Whitey had a "visit" and convinced him not to touch a woman. Later they found out it wasn't his niece, but a different girl. Oh well, you still don't touch a woman, so he deserved it.
Of course, they also killed people. Lots of people.
But the whole book is pretty interesting.

The lupus messes with my brain when I read books. If I am reading a book and it is a warm beautiful summer story, I will literally be stunned when I come downstairs and find it is winter. (Not with TV quite as much, but certain types of books, yeah.)

Then last night I happened to watch Jersey Shore, and it was the episode when some man punches one of the girls at a bar. The boy roommates all race after him, but the cops are there and he is arrested. The next day on of the boys family arrives and they tell them about it. The mom's first words are "Did you get him?" And I was thinking, yeah, go find him and hurt him! Teach him his lesson! Then I thought, wait, that isn't me thinking, it is.... WHITEY!

So I have to stop thinking about the whole subject or my brain really gets confused.

It seems my brain lesions make me very easily influenced, yes?

Happy New Year!


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