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Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Stuff

I love it when Julie asks me to make her things. Why? Mostly cuz I am severely lacking in creativity and initiative lately... and if she asks, then I have something I "have" to do, so I get up and get working. I just have to be careful not to do too much, my hands have been getting pretty sore lately. Not in the regular hand therapy places.. just muscle pain. So, if you want something, ask. And if you already have and I didn't do it, I pry forgot. Remind me. :)


I have a new fave show of all time. Jesse Ventura- Conspiracy Theories. Best show! He combines things that are true with things wack-job people think, so it is very compelling. Plus he still calls himself governor, which is amusing. :)

The first one I saw was on the Bilderberg group, about which is an actual group that I have seen info on the news. Basically the heads of state, industry and banking all meet for a secret meeting once a year. People say they are really in control of everything. Jesse decided to find out what they are planning... and it is to reduce world population by 90%!! Yep, that's right, they are going to kill all us "feeders". They are putting chemicals like NutraSweet in our foods to kill us. (fact- nutrasweet is poison! so the rest must be true) Plus the swine flu is a plot to wipe us all out. (They didn't say how the secret group is going to avoid getting it tho....)

The second one was on big brother. Someone is watching you- all the time. Everywhere. Don't even worry, they are. One man said he was talking to his banker on the phone, and mentioned that there was going to be a nuclear bomb preparedness drill in her town... and several hours later, the CIA was at his house. Kinda sounds fun- how long do you think it will take them to arrive after I post this?? Hmm....


While I love reality shows, I do hate when they promise I will be "surprised!", "amazed!" or "will never believe!" whatever is coming next. Am I ever surprised that none of the six guys the girl on Maury is testing to be her baby's daddy actually are? No! I am never amazed, fascinated or stunned at any of the things that come after the break. You think they would be more realistic. "You will be amused!" or "You will NOT be stunned!" or something.


When we first came to MN and were around the niblings, I made a book for them to start reading at a young age. I think I can quote it from memory-

Welcome to Anne's house!
This is Anne. She has Lupus.
Anne takes lots of medicine. Here are some of her pills.
Some of Anne's pills might look like candy.
If you were to eat one of Anne's pills, you would get very, very sick.
Only eat what an adult gives you! Never eat anything you find on the floor.
If you find something on the floor, give it to Anne.
If it is medicine, she will give you Money!
Thanks for coming to Anne's house!

So, anyways, tho I am working on not saying NO all the time when the kids ask to do things, I thought perhaps I need to make a new book. One that says things like "Anne still loves you, she just feels like shit!" And "Of course Anne wants to play cars, she just hurts too hard to move!" Or the one thing I always end up saying, when someone asks for the eight hundredth time why I am sick "Anne has Lupus, remember? So I can't go outside and am sick a lot!"

Sound fun? Or scarring? HA!

Have a good week,

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  1. "You will be amused..." LOL! Good post, Anne. Loved your random thoughts. :)