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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kitty Cam update

So, after the test use the other day, I let the camera recharge and put it on the cat at bedtime. When I woke up, it had been on for ten hours, and although the directions say the battery lasts fifteen, it was dead. My father said it was blinking red within minutes of my coming down, so I grabbed it and plugged it in to the puter. A note came up warning me that a "malfunctioning device" had been plugged in. The red light came on that it was charging tho, so I left it there. After a few hours, I checked it. The red light was still on, but the lens and screen for picking options were both covered in bubbles- on the inside. I figured this was a problem, especially when the camera would not turn off.
Crabby at the fact it seemed to have blown up after only one use, I emailed customer service at the company that made the camera. I received a canned email response that "live livestock" would not be shipped until after the new year. Huh? Making toys and selling livestock? Interesting. I figured I would never hear back.

Then yesterday I was staring at the camera crabbily and picked it up. It was dead, wouldn't come on, and still had bubbles all over the lens and screen. I decided to plug it in again. No malfunctioning device warning! The charging light came on! Perhaps it was okay? Well, the bubbles were still a pretty bad sign....

This morning I came down to check on it. The light was green- meaning charged up. The screen and lens were.... NOT bubbly anymore! It let me unplug it, turn it on, set the picture time to fifteen minutes... could it be working again??

The cat is now wearing the camera. Will let you know how it turns out. I have warned everyone in the house that if they see it blinking red, yell for me at once.

Updates as necessary....


Edited to add: Company was coming over, and I knew Kitty would be hiding for the next few hours, so I pulled the camera. Although the "malfunctioning device" warning did not come up, there are no pictures on the camera. So it is broken.

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