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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


First, no visit from the CIA yet. Sigh.

Today I was really really hoping there was a magazine in the mail. There wasn't, but there was one of those credit card notification of changes thing. Now, usually I just skim those, cuz they drone on about interest rates and overages and late fees, and I never carry a balance, and never am late, so that stuff doesn't apply to me. However, being bored, I actually sat down and read it a little closer. It was from one of my fat lady store cards, and it said.... after a bunch of boring stuff... that they are going to charge me a BUCK to get my BILL!! Shouldn't that be illegal?? How can you charge to send a bill? (I seem to remember a rant about this previously on my blog...)
So, naturally, I called and cancelled the card.

Then I was thinking. Didn't I get one of those types of notices a few weeks ago? I dug thru the recycling bag and found it.. sure enough, another fat lady store card.... was charging to send your bill!
Cancelled that card too.

Read those notices people! Don't pay to get sent a bill. That is crazy.

Have a good week,

Edited to add: Here is the email I sent to every one of my elected reps, except Franken whose site wasn't working:


Recently I received notices that two of my store credit cards(Catherine's and The Avenue) are going to start charging a fee to send me a bill. How can this be legal??? I cancelled the cards but am worried my non-store credit card will follow suit.

I am disabled, and purchase a lot of items I need online, plus use the card for medications and other needed items.

If they prefer people to use online billing, they should offer an incentive, not punish people who prefer to have a paper bill.

Please help stop this terrible practice, especially as it would be harmful to anyone without access to a computer.

name and address


  1. Glad the CIA has not showed up on your doorstop. Wait, maybe I shouldn't talk to you until it blows over... ;)

  2. Your comment section is sometimes mixed up. Like previous comments are jammed up above into your writing area- Just saying.
    Thanks for this ample warning. I better start reading my notices that I have usually thrown in the trash.