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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project Runway and Julie's Stuff

Here are some of the things I had for Julie yesterday.
She asked for the hat, it came out really cute I think.
She also wanted fingerless gloves for when she is at home and her hands are cold. The purple pair has a cable up the back, it is called "hugs and kisses" becuz it has an X and an O.
This pair was quicker, I just loved the fuzzy red part. I would have made it longer but was worried cuz I didn't have very much. It is very very soft.

So I watched Project Runway last night. I like it, but I definitely do NOT get fashion. When the clothes are going down the runway, I am saying:

Butt Ugly!
Kinda cute except for...
Eww! Who would wear that????

And usually when they have the 3 best and the 3 worst left, I am not always sure which is which. :)

It still is fun to watch tho...

happy weekend,

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